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Introducing GEH

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GEH Plan

Comprehensive Medical Cover

What is Covered?

GEH Vital Care

Vital Inpatient Cover

What is Covered?

GEH Plan

Expatriate Medical Insurance

Expatriates living and working abroad face many challenges. Bearing this in mind, it is absolutely essential to have an easy to use expatriate medical insurance plan that covers health and medical expenses incurred during times of need.

Global Expatriate Healthcare

Global Expatriate Healthcare understands the importance of your health to you and your family. With our GEH Plan we aim to deliver the highest standards of products and services to our members at all times. We have tailor-made our expatriate medical insurance plans and services to meet the needs of expats and their families, worldwide.

Designed by us, the GEH Plan delivers comprehensive benefits giving you the security and peace of mind that you and your family need when working and living away from home. The GEH Plan is innovative, easy to use and is fully portable around the world, so if you relocate, the GEH Plan travels with you.

Affordable Expatriate Medical Insurance

With flexible premium payment terms we are able to provide the best possible coverage at the best possible premiums, enabling our medical insurance products to be an affordable solution for you.

Versatile Medical Insurance

We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive cover within our GEH Plan. Our plan provides cover for acute illnesses or emergencies that require hospitalisation, and for longer term care for conditions that are ongoing or "chronic".

Global Expatriate Healthcare Plan
Global Expatriate Optional Extensions

Optional Extensions

Dental Coverage

Our Dental option gives you access to routine dental care for a range of different treatments, with up to USD 2,000.00 worth of cover annually.

Out Patient Care

By selecting our Outpatient Option you will receive the additional benefits of; outpatient doctors' fees, prescribed drugs, laboratory work, x-rays, optical care and much more.

Personal Accident

Depending on your occupation the personal accident extension will provide you up to USD250,000.00 worth of additional cover should you be involved in an accident.

Travel Insurance

To complete your cover, our travel insurance will cover your personal and business trips for cancellation, travel delays and loss of baggage, money or passports. A further extension is available to cover Winter Sports.

GEH Vital Care

For that Medical Emergency

The GEH Vital Care health insurance policy has been designed for those expatriates who want peace of mind in the knowledge that should they have a critical illness, medical emergency or accident they have cover. GEH Vital Care provides cover for inpatient hospital treatment with no financial limit other than the policy limit itself.


As with the GEH Plan, GEH Vital Care recognises that a medical emergency could occur when you are away from home, so GEH Vital Care will ensure where medically practical that you will be transferred back to your chosen country for treatment.

Affordable Cover

GEH Vital Care offers the same flexible payment plans as provided by the GEH Plan.


GEH Vital Care is designed to cater for medical emergencies and is, therefore a stand-alone policy in its own right; no optional extensions are offered with this policy.

Global Expatriate Healthcare Vital Care
Global Expatriate Healthcare Claims Made Easy

Claims Made Easy

Global's GEH plans are professionally managed. Claims are dealt with in two different ways. In either case claims are processed quickly and efficiently.

Euro-Center Card

Within South East Asia Euro-Center with their direct settlement network are able to provide members an extensive list of providers/hospitals accepting the card electronically.

On presentation of the Euro-Center card, your chosen hospital will be able to pre-authorise your treatment with them and on discharge, all treatment costs covered by the policy will be settled with us electronically. For you the whole experience will be cashless.

You are, however, not limited to the hospitals on our list, you may choose the healthcare provider of your choice, however, in such circumstances you may need to pay and claim back for your treatment costs.

Pay and Claim Back

Outside of South East Asia or where the provider is unable to accept Euro-Center card electronically and if your claim is likely to be USD500.00 or more, you or your service provider (hospital) can call our 24 hour Help Line who will arrange for your treatment to be pre-authorised and also arrange direct settlement of your bill.

For small claims under USD500.00 we ask you pay and claim back. Some conditions apply. How to file a claim?

Corporate and
Group Medical Insurance

Global Expatriate Healthcare offers discounts to corporations or group customers for either the GEH Plan or GEH Vital Care. We make switching from your current insurance provider easy by transferring your members to us on a "no-worse terms" basis, which simply means that our coverage will be as good as or better than your previous insurer.

To qualify as a group, SME or corporate body, premiums must be paid by the "group" directly to our insurer. To qualify as a group you can have as few as 3 principal expatriate members. For larger groups we can tailor our plan to suit the specific needs of your company. For more information please see Groups and Corporate or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

For full coverage details and specific limits please refer to the policy document and Table of Benefits, terms and conditions apply.

Corporate Group Medical Insurance