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How to File a Medical Insurance Claim

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Direct Settlement with the MediLink Smart Card

Through the MediLink smart card and MediLink's Direct Settlement Network, Global Expatriate Healthcare is pleased to be able to offer our members access to an extensive and efficient network of quality healthcare providers (hospitals) who can offer the convenience of direct settlement for your treatment.

In Thailand
Many health providers in Thailand offer the added advantage of being linked to MediLink's Direct Settlement Network electronically. This means that your treatment pre-authorisation and final bill settlement, subject to the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of your policy can all be handled electronically through your membership card. Simply hand your card to the hospital staff to register for treatment.

Except in an emergency, registration should be completed a few days prior to your treatment to enable medical reports from your doctor to be sent to the insurer.

A list of the Thai healthcare providers connected to the electronic Direct Settlement Network is contained in your Membership Pack, or is available on our web site. The list will be updated from time to time as the network is enhanced.

Outside Thailand
For claims that are likely to exceed USD 500.00 pre-authorisation of your treatment will be required - please call the Help Line prior to undergoing treatment.

Help Line +66 (0) 2 619 1115

All you need to do is to present your card to the provider, then either you or the provider should call the Help Line to pre-authorise your treatment. MediLink will, wherever possible, establish direct billing with the provider and then at the end of the treatment the bill will be settled directly by Medilink subject to the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of your policy.

For claims, including all outpatient and dental claims, that are likely to be less than USD 500.00 no pre-authorisation is required, however for these smaller amounts, we must ask you to settle the bill directly with the provider and claim back. The claim form can be downloaded from this web site.

Please note that you will be responsible for paying any deductible, coinsurance, ineligible or excess charges which are not covered under your Plan.

Treatment and Claim Process

Step 1 - Select a Participating Healthcare Provider
  • Consult the list in your Membership Pack, or contact our International toll free Help Line +66 (0) 2 619 1115.
  • Contact the direct settlement provider (hospital) to make an appointment.

Step 2 - Eligibility Verification
  • When you visit the hospital, please present your Membership Card along with your photo ID (ID cards, passports) at the front desk.
  • Hospitals who can accept the MediLink-Global electronic health card will swipe the Membership Card through a dedicated Point-of- Sale device and print out an Eligibility Verification slip.

Step 3 - Complete a Claim Form
  • Depending on the hospital's procedures they may ask you to complete and sign a claim or treatment form, which they will submit to us with their invoice.

Step 4 - See the Doctor
  • Please ask your doctor to fill in the medical information on the claim or treatment form, and confirm with his/her signature.

Step 5 - Benefit Verification
  • The hospital will verify your benefits.
  • Hospitals that accept the MediLink-Global health card electronically will register your treatment details electronically to facilitate online real time validation of your treatment. Following validation a claim confirmation slip will be automatically printed. Please read the slip carefully and sign it once you have confirmed all the contents.
  • You should settle directly any charges not covered by your Global Expatriate Healthcare Plan.

Step 6 - Discharge
  • The hospital will submit their invoice to us for all eligible charges. If there are any amounts which are not eligible under your insurance, you will be responsible for paying this yourself directly to the hospital.
  • If for any reason the swipe card system is unavailable or is not functioning, the front desk staff at the provider will be able to contact MediLink-Global to do an off-line manual transaction for you in accordance with above steps.
  • The providers' benefit verification is a preliminary assessment of your coverage. In the event of any miscalculation you remain responsible for any ineligible charges which may be determined in the final assessment of your claim upon receipt of the invoice from the provider.
  • If your treatment is not covered by your Plan or if coverage is temporarily unable to be confirmed, direct settlement may be declined. In this case, you may still proceed with treatment at your own expense, and if you feel that the treatment should be covered by your Plan, you can submit a claim for reimbursement with the required supporting documentation. Alternatively call the Help Line.

Help Line +66 (0) 2 619 1115