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Personal Accident Insurance

An optional Extension For Our GEH Plan Medical Insurance For Expatriates

GEH Plan

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What is Covered?

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What is Covered?

Personal Accident Insurance Benefits

  • Personal Accident Insurance when selected as an optional extension provides a death benefit with a sliding scale of benefits for Disablement/Dismemberment as detailed within the Table of Benefits.
  • The standard levels of benefit are driven by your occupation, the table below summarises the 5 classes of occupation that determine the benefit levels.

Personal Accident Insurance Cover Limitations

Cover is limited to:
  • Expatriates purchasing a GEH Plan medical insurance policy from Global Expatriate Healthcare Limited.
  • The standard acceptance criteria and geographical limits of the Global Expatriate Healthcare medical insurance policy apply.
  • Personal Accident cannot be purchased in isolation as a stand-alone policy.
  • Premiums are payable annually.

Notes on the Occupation Schedule:

  • For a list of occupations falling within each class please click here .
  • If your occupation does not appear on the detailed list, please contact Global Expatriate Healthcare Ltd.
  • The Maximum Benefits may be increased on referral to the Underwriters through Global Expatriate Healthcare Ltd.
  • The schedule is applicable to all countries in Asia, for countries outside Asia please contact Global Expatriate Healthcare Ltd.
Personal Accident Occupational Schedule BENEFITS PAYABLE
Class 1 Occupations involving clerical and office based occupations, domestic duties and students $250,000
Class 2 Occupations involving light manual work, supervision, driving and travelling $150,000
Class 3 Occupations involving manual work, the use of tools or high mileage driving $100,000
Class 4 Occupations involving heavy manual work, the use of machinery or operating in hazardous locations $100,000
Class 5 Occupations involving heavy manual work, the use of heavy industrial equipment, operating in very hazardous locations or in entertainment/ sports with a particular skill or talent Refer to Global
Expatriate Healthcare

Groups and Small and Medium Enterprises

Discounts are available where the number of Insured Persons attached to a single policy is over 10 lives. Please refer to Global Expatriate Healthcare Ltd.

Policy Wording

For full details of the Policy Wording, please refer the Global Expatriate Healthcare Policy document.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The maximum Benefit payable in respect of any one Insured Person in respect of any one Accident shall not exceed the Personal Accident Sum Insured specified in the Schedule in respect of that Insured Person.
  2. Where an Insured Persons suffers Total and Permanent Loss of part of a limb not otherwise provided for under Items 5.1 to 5.10 we shall at our absolute discretion determine the percentage payable in respect of such loss.
  3. The maximum Death Benefit payable in respect of an Insured Person aged 17 years or younger or in full-time education will not exceed $5,000.
  4. The maximum benefit payable in total in respect of all Insured Persons in respect of any one accident will not exceed 3 times the highest Sum Insured specified in the Schedule.

How to Apply

When completing your GEH Plan application for health insurance, simply check the box to include Personal Accident within your policy, or contact us.