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GEH Vital Care For Expatriates

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GEH Plan

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What is Covered?

GEH Vital Care

Vital Inpatient Cover

What is Covered?

GEH Vital Care

Our GEH Vital Care plan is designed for those expatriates who simply wish to cover medical risks that are likely to have high intervention or treatment costs.

Global Expatriate Healthcare has created GEH Vital Care from the core benefits of the GEH Plan, providing only those benefits that are required in the event of serious illness or accident. The plan provides cover for inpatient intervention or treatment with the same overall policy limit as the GEH Plan, including medical evacuation (Medivac). Outside the policy limit there are no financial limits on individual treatments covered within the policy.

As with the GEH Plan premiums for GEH Vital Care are based on your age and the area for which you require cover. The same geographical areas of cover apply:
  • Area 1 - Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean
  • Area 2 - Worldwide, all countries

As GEH Vital Care is designed to cater for acute medical emergencies it is a stand-alone policy in its own right with no optional extensions being offered.

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